Apnear’s Privacy Policy

At Apnear (“we”, “our”, “us”) we want to give you the best possible experience. For you can meet and know who is near you. Such as restaurants, dormitories and various entertainment places. But, be assured, your privacy and the security of your personal data are very important to us. So we want to explain the reason for collecting data, using your data and sharing your data.

Your personal data that Apnear collect about you

  1. Personal data collected when you sign up for the Apnear service. We connect to Facebook to verify identity and collect some personal data that you enable such as profile picture which is necessary for using our services.
  2. Personal data collected through your use of the Apnear service
    • Mac address of WiFi network which is around you. You must allow access to the device location for the network scanning is workable
    • The interaction that occurs in using the Apnear service
  3. Personal data collected that you enable us to access
    • The WiFi network around you the work in background. Even if you are not using the Apnear service
    • Your photo – We will only access photos that you choose specifically to share with us.

How Apnear use your personal data

  1. To create an account and provide services to you.
  2. To connect with other users for Apnear service-related purpose.
  3. To develop new products and services, and analyze your use of the Apnear service.
  4. To provide you with information and advertising which is based on your specific location.

Your personal data sharing

  1. We share your personal data with other users who qualifies to your preferences. The data that is shared consists of name, age, about personality. Including the data you choose to share. For example, Connecting to Facebook profile and Instagram
  2. The personal data that we may share
    • Technical service provider that helps us improve the application and develop new service.
    • Government agencies for legal resons
    • Our partners – We may share your personal data with some marketing and advertising. To show content which allow us to offer free services without charge

Your personal data security

We are committed to protecting your personal data safely. By using reliable techniques and service providers to help us secure your data.


Thank you for reading our privacy policy. If you have any questions or concerns, please email here: somsak.elect.new@gmail.com